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John Deere 3033R Meets The Demands of a Lifestyle Farmer

The John Deere 3033R compact utility tractor is simple, reliable and productive, ideal for large properties, hobby farmers, landscapers and contractors.  The 3033R is fuelled by an efficient but powerful 24kW Yanmar diesel engine which provides the versatility to handle almost any job around your property.

Mid Canterbury lifestyle farmer Rob says “This is the smallest tractor I’ve ever owned.  It has enough power to do most of the required jobs on my lifestyle block with the added bonus of it being lightweight with low ground impact”.

Whether it’s moving mulch with a loader or mowing a lawn, the 3033R is able to get in and out of tight spaces and easily manoeuvre around obstacles. The added canopy provides protection without losing the productivity of a ROPS set up.

“Initially I was looking at a 4 series, but when I saw the machine I realised it was going to be too high to get inside some of my outbuildings.  I decided on a 3033R model and I am very pleased with it.   The canopy is great protection from the sun and drizzle while getting in and out is easy with no door from a cab,” Rob says.

The attractive styling provides improved visibility and serviceability.  The operator’s station is designed for easy entry to/exit from the tractor. Conveniently placed pedals, as well as repositioned operator controls, provide a clean and flat platform design, giving the operator plenty of legroom.

Rob was keen to buy a John Deere when he was on the lookout for a new tractor “I did consider other brands but I’ve owned John Deere before and I like them and I’m really familiar with them.”

The tractor has settled well into Rob’s lifestyle farming duties which was no surprise to salesman Graham Booth and the team at Drummond & Etheridge.

“I use my 3033R daily for different tasks.  I usually have pallet forks on it for moving things around, I sometimes use the front-end bucket and I use the backhoe almost every day for pulling out this and digging in that,” says Rob.

The compact utility tractor is equipped with a Quik-Park™ loader mounting system designed for easy, tool-free mounting and removal.  Also available is a wide range of implements and attachments for both the front and rear.

Rob says he was especially surprised at how quick it was to take the backhoe off.  “Years ago we had another tractor with a backhoe on it and it would take about half a day to remove which was a real pain, but with this machine it is super easy.  It’s the same with the front-end loader as well, a really nice design which makes taking on and off quick and easy.”

To help you use the power of your 3R Series tractors to the full, a whole suite of advanced features are fitted as standard. These include 4WD, a digital performance tracking system and LoadMatch™ – an incredible electric engine power management system for peak performance in every application.

Rob recommends a John Deere compact utility tractor to others; “I am very happy with my 3033R, it has enough horsepower and it does everything I need it to do and more.  Having a small engine it is very good on diesel and I can do a full days work on very few litres.”

From advice and sales to maintenance and repairs, your local Drummond & Etheridge branch has everything you need to keep your investment running like clockwork.

“My experience with D&E was very good, especially with Graham the salesman. The Parts & Service departments were also very helpful when I visited them”.

For more information on the 3033R or any other models click here or contact your local branch.

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