We’re proud to have been supporting our communities for over 85 years.

Each year Drummond & Etheridge receives hundreds of requests for sponsorships and charitable donations.

In keeping with our commitment to preserving our environment and giving back to the community – we have streamlined the application procedure to help reduce paper correspondence and allow requests to be processed more efficiently.

We ask you to please apply for Drummond & Etheridge support by completing the form below. This is an editable PDF so you are able to type directly into the form and then return it via email. There is no need to print the form.

To be considered, please ensure you completely fill out the Sponsorship Application Form and email to suzanne@dne.co.nz.

Please note Drummond & Etheridge prefers to provide sponsorship support by supplying product in place of monetary funds.

Please understand that funds are naturally limited and we regret that Drummond & Etheridge cannot support every individual sponsorship application. Your request will be answered as soon as possible.