Regeneration Through Innovation

Facing the urgent challenge of soil degradation, we understand the need for reliable, high-quality machinery that addresses agronomic concerns while boosting efficiency, yield and profitability.

Enter Horizon – Driven by a vision of thriving soil and empowered farmers, Horizon design and manufacture innovative agricultural products that prioritise both soil regeneration and enhanced productivity.

Their commitment to developing and manufacturing groundbreaking solutions challenges the status quo and delivers impactful environmental benefits.

Join us in cultivating a sustainable future for our farms and our planet.

DSX – Direct Seed Drill

Invest in the Horizon DSX for unmatched performance, adaptability, and long-term value.

  • Consistent & Precise Seeding
  • Easy Residue Management
  • Adaptable to Any Condition
  • Superior Soil Contact and Germination
  • Modular Design for Future Expansion

Base Features:

  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Front/rear hopper separation
  • 710/50 wheels
  • “V” press wheel

SPX – Strip-Till Cultivator

The Horizon SPX, born from over 15 years of strip tillage expertise at Horizon Agriculture, is designed to adapt seamlessly to different applications and field conditions.

Whether you’re tackling varied crops, soil types, or residue levels, the SPX delivers the precision and flexibility you need for optimal results.

Base Features:

  • Flexible number of row units – up to 12 rows
  • Flexible row spacing – from 400mm
  • Expandable folding toolbar – 4.4m or 6m
  • Market leading coulter row unit
  • Leg with pin depth adjustment
  • Tungsten carbide wear legs
  • Tungsten carbide points
  • Shear bolt reset
  • Air downforce

PPX – Precision Planter

Revolutionise your planting operations with the innovative Horizon PPX Planter, powered by cutting-edge technology from Precision Planting. This game-changing planter is engineered to excel in even the most challenging environments, ensuring optimal seed placement for maximum yield potential.


  • Folding or rigid mounted frames, up to 6.4m wide
  • Sliding frame for quick and easy row spacing adjustments
  • Strong and stable parallelogram, only 13cm wide
  • Precision Planting SmartFirmers for moisture, temperature, uniformity, residue and organic matter sensing
  • Precision Planting FurrowJet and Conceal for precision application of liquid fertiliser
  • Precision Planting CleanSweep pneumatic row cleaners
  • Precision Planting DeltaForce row-by-row hydraulic downforce control system
  • Precision Planting 20:20 Controls monitor
  • Precision Planting FurrowForce two-stage closing system
  • Wide range of additional Precision Planting hardware and technology options

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