Spend more time in the field and less time at the parts counter.

The D&E Parts OnSite Proposal – EASY

Your local Parts department will supply you with the correct and relevant parts, consumables and lubricants required for your operation, your machines and the current season.

D&E will provide you with a lockable steel cabinet free of charge for storage of these parts on your premises.  Your local branch will re-stock these parts at your premises on a regular basis.

You will receive an inventory sheet of your Parts OnSite cabinet, and when your inventory is stock checked, any parts used will be replaced and charged to your account at your normal price.  With D&E’s simple order forms, we ensure parts are replenished quickly and easily through regular personal deliveries, or if need be, by courier to your door.  Unused Parts Onsite stock can be returned and credited to you within 2 years of the original invoice.

For more information, contact your local Drummond & Etheridge branch.