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With a constant focus on increasing yields, reducing input costs and improving the performance and productivity of daily operation, getting the most out of your machine has never been more important for modern farmers and contractors.

“Technology has advanced in such a way that means we expect immediate access to the latest data and information at all times,” says Paul Galletly, Customer Account Manager and Integrated Technology Specialist for Drummond & Etheridge. “John Deere equipment is no exception. These machines come factory built with lots of helpful technology and connecting via JDLinkTM Connect or John Deere Connected Support enables you to get more out of your equipment because you have the ability to view critical and timely data about your machine.”

“We offer customers two ways to connect their John Deere equipment. The premium option of JDLinkTM Connect and no cost solution of John Deere Connected Support,” says Galletly.

When operators buy John Deere products they expect reliability, and rightly so, given the proud history of these quality machines. However, out in the field, the unexpected can happen and if it does operators need a quick resolution.

“That’s why John Deere machines come equipped from the factory with John Deere Connected Support. It provides machine connectivity and access to a large number of support related tools which can detect potential issues and alert operators promptly, in the cab or wherever they are,” says Galletly.

With the customers permission, Drummond & Etheridge can also be set up to receive these machine alerts. Their local service department can then remotely connect to the equipment to diagnose possible issues, ensuring machine downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Additional Connected Support functions include the ability to remotely access the in-cab display, and monitor machine location, path, and other important statistics such as idle time, fuel and DEF levels. There are also options that allow for the scheduling of custom or factory maintenance plans, and the ability to receive wireless machine software updates from Drummond & Etheridge and John Deere.

Connected Support comes from the factory on most machines for 5 years at no additional cost and can be applied for free to qualifying older models.

John Deere Connected Support handles an operators machine needs but what about their agronomic data? When customers choose the premium option of JDLinkTM Connect they are given more than just an easy way to move data, they also get the most out of tools like Operation Centre and the Connected mobile apps that ensure operators have the information needed to make the decisions that improve their bottom line.

JDLinkTM Connect facilitates a two way wireless data pipeline to what is happening in the field. Not only do users receive all of the same machine benefits as with John Deere Connected Support, they have the added ability to wirelessly deliver the likes of display setup files and prescription maps to machine operators. The steady automatic flow of agronomic data between machines and connected business devices results in the customers ability to make sound timely decisions for their farm wherever, whenever.

JDLinkTM Connect comes standard from the factory on most machines for one year at no cost and is available by subscription for longer terms.

For more information on JDLinkTM Connect, John Deere Connected Support or any of the other integrated solutions and precision farming options offered by Drummond & Etheridge contact your local branch.

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