Better feed quality

MAMMUT is a pioneer in the development of silage distributors and has always provided the right equipment for the best silage quality.

The Silo Fox has been continuously developed as a series, both in terms of its functions and its dimensions, which are suitable for constantly growing operators.

The Silo Fox silage distributor gives you the greatest possible set-up scope for your requirements. Whether weight adjustment to the tractor, front or rear operation, the appropriate rotation speed relative to the desired peripheral speed, you can select your own customised set-up.

Imported and distributed by Origin Agroup.

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Silo Fox 230 Gigant & 280 Gigant

  • 1.3m Drum diameter
  • 2.3m total drum width
  • 3m – 3.5m working width
  • 100hp minimum requirement
  • 540/1000 PTO Speed
  • 20° Pivot angle
  • Driveshaft with cam clutch
  • Hydraulic pivoting
  • Reverse and reduction gear for front PTO
Silo Fox Gigant

Silo Fox Gigant

Siloverteiler Silo Fox

Siloverteiler Silo Fox

Siloverteiler Koloss

Siloverteiler Koloss

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