The extensive range of front end loader and material handling attachments from Rata are designed with performance and efficiency in mind – they are the best partner for your machine.

Bale Clamp (compact)

  • The ideal attachment for handling mini wrapped bales
  • Ideal for compact tractors (25hp – 80hp)
  • Scaled down version of the standard Rata Bale Clamp

Auger Bucket

  • Designed to handle and mix maize, silage and palm kernel
  • 2.4m width
  • 1.6m3 or 1000kg capacity

Bale Clamp

  • Handle and transport 2 bales at once without damage to the wrap
  • 2.1m open width
  • 2100kg lift capacity

Bale Forks

  • 1500kg lift capacity
  • 1.2m, 1.1m, 0.98m or 0.80m tine options
  • Optional high back for carrying 2 bales at once

Beet Bucket

  • Cost effective implement for harvesting root crops like Fodder Beet
  • 2.4m, 2.6m and 3m working width options
  • Up to 1.8m3 capacity

Big Bag Lifter

  • Designed to handle bulk bags with ease and precision
  • 1000kg capacity
  • Clever design gives you clear view of load at all times

Bin Rotator

  • High quality 180 degree bin rotator/box tipper
  • 1800kg capacity
  • Rugged in construction, featuring fully greaseable pivot points and high tensile pins

4 in 1 Buckets

  • Dig, blade, pull-back and clamp up, all in one tool
  • 1.2m – 2.4m width options
  • Minimum hp requirement options from 30hp – 140hp

Bucket Grab

  • Excellent for handling silage, minerals, earth, sand, shrubs, wood chips, rubbish, straw, manure and much more
  • 2.2m – 2.4m width options
  • 1.10m3 – 1.20m3 capacity


  • 1.2m – 2.7m width options
  • 0.3m3 – 1.5m3 level volume
  • Hardwearing edges and high quality steel plate

Bulk Buckets

  • Ideal for loose material handling such as bark, palm kernel, compost, mulch and much more
  • 2.2m – 2.4m width options
  • 1.9m3 – 3.5m3 level volume

Certified Lifting Jib

  • Rata certified lifting jibs are the safest attachment for handling construction components
  • 0.6m – 2.4m reach length options
  • 2500kg – 6000kg capacity

Drawbar Hitch / Bale Fork

  • 1.1m tine length
  • Up to 15,000 kg capacity with 40mm dia tow hook
  • Fully welded robust construction

4 Bale Hay Hauler

  • 2.5m width
  • 3500kg capacity
  • 115hp minimum requirement

Loader Quick Hitch

  • Made to go directly onto the machine as a quick hitch, or onto an existing quick hitch as an adaptor
  • Simple, easy and jam resistant

Log Forks

  • Heavy duty attachment for handling logs, posts and building poles
  • 1.2m – 1.5m width options
  • 1.2m fork length
  • Up to 2000kg capacity

Man Cage

  • Completely certified and comply with the Occupational health and safety guidelines as set out by Worksafe NZ
  • Harness anchor points throughout the cage
  • 1.2m to 4m to cover every requirement

Pallet forks

  • 500kg – 2500kg capacity
  • Up to 1.07m fork length
  • Fixed or adjustable width fork option

Pallet / Bale / Silage Combo

  • Ideal for handling pallets, bales and silage using one frame
  • Bale and/or silage tines can be simply removed by sliding the shaft out and removing the tine frame
  • 1000kg – 1500kg capacity

Push Off Buck Rake

  • Requires little maintenance with high strength nylon rollers and one hydraulic ram
  • 2.4m – 3.0m width options
  • 13 – 16 tines
  • 130hp minimum requirement

Shear Grabs

  • 1.2m – 2.4m width options
  • 0.58m3 – 1.1m3 capacity
  • 9 – 17 tines

Silage Forks

  • Ideal for handling pit silage and light tree prunings
  • 1.2m – 3.0m width options
  • 7 – 11 tines

Silage Grabs

  • Opens to 1.51m making it possible to handle large volumes of material
  • 1.2m – 3.0m width options
  • 0.60m3 – 1.3m3 capacity

Snow Plough

  • 1.85m – 2.6m width options
  • Trip action blade designed to trip only when a solid object is engaged
  • High quality paint finish allows the snow to roll off with ease

Silage Combo

  • Ideal for handling bales and pit silage, using one simple frame
  • 1.2m – 1.8m width options
  • 9 – 12 tines

V Snow Plough

  • Ideal for fast snow ploughing over unsealed surfaces (paddocks, dirt roads)
  • 3.0m working width
  • High wear resistant cutting edges and skid plates

3PTL Tow Hitch

  • A necessary item for every farm
  • Up to 15,000kg capacity with 38mm dia tow hook
  • Total weight only 60kg!

Power Claw

  • Exceptional clamping force and 16mm super high strength tines
  • 1.5m – 2.4m width options
  • Can be used for: rocks, logs, tree removal, hay bales, root rake, prunings and rubbish

Compact Power Claw

  • Suitable for compact tractors (25hp – 80hp)
  • 1.35m width
  • 0.85m opening width

Yard Scraper

  • Purpose built attachments for clearing effluent from the cow shed or feed pad
  • Adjustable width design, 2.4m – 3m
  • 70hp minimum requirement


Rata Versatile Grapple VG180

Rata Versatile Grapple VG180

Rata Push Off Silage Fork

Rata Push Off Silage Fork

Rata Funnel Bucket

Rata Funnel Bucket

Auger Bucket Dispensing Concrete

Auger Bucket Dispensing Concrete

Rata Wrapped Bale Clamp

Rata Wrapped Bale Clamp

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