Forestry & Logging

Achieve seamless coordination of your team’s performance in the woods and the back office with John Deere forestry and logging technology.


From the TimberManager report you will see essential information about the operation of your forwarders and wheeled harvesters. The report tells you exactly how productive your machines are. With the help of this information you can make the decisions that your business needs.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Simplified mapping
  • Model availability


TimberMatic Maps

TimberMatic Maps gives operators a real-time production view to the logging site. The data between the machines are updated through a cloud service, and all the operators working at the same work site can see all the tree species and assortments with the driving routes right down to the individual logs.

  • Precise progress tracking
  • Live production view
  • Real-time updates

Intelligent Boom Control

With IBC in forwarders, boom control is precise, fast and easy because the operator can focus on controlling the grapple rather than the boom joint movements. In harvesters, IBC has been adjusted to the work cycle; the trajectory and functioning of the boom adjust automatically to the harvester’s work phases.

  • More productive from the get-go
  • More precise grapple positioning
  • Simple, fatigue-beating control
  • More efficient load handling


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