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Vineyard Mowers

Priced from $13,900 +GST


Orchard Mowers

Priced from $20,500 +GST


Pasture Toppers

Priced from $25,000 +GST

“I would recommend it to anyone.”

“It’s built far better than any other mower I’ve come across, and the build quality transfers directly into the performance of the machine.”
“With the slip clutch, swing back arms on blades and rear roller to absorb ground contours, this mower won’t break. It will outlast me.”

Dennis Pulan, Central Otago
– Gason RP2R2340-3PL-SBRR


Single Rotor Mowers

Built with high-quality steel throughout, the Single Rotor Taper Back Mowers handle tough terrain with ease. The fully welded deck makes for a strong and rigid mower that is easier to keep free of grass and debris.

Adjustable side plates allow for side or rear discharge.

Suitable for 70 to 120HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).

Base Features:

  • 1.55m cutting width
  • 6mm fully welded, easy clean deck
  • Rigid plate headstock connected to under body structure supports
  • 130HP Barco Gearbox driveline with 20 spline input shaft
  • High mulch throw to the right and fixed skid on the left hand side
  • Cat 2, 3 Point Linkage Mounting
  • 110 x 11mm Spring steel rotor bars with 100 x 9mm blades

Twin Rotor Mowers

These Twin Rotor Rapier Mowers are well known for the durability and strength. They come standard with removable sides for side discharge (both sides) under vine or mulching of prunings and rear discharge.

Suitable for 45 to 100HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).

Base Features:

  • 1.8m – 2.34m cutting widths
  • 6mm folded deck plate
  • ‘Fall away’ self-clean deck form
  • Comer (Italian) 100hp 3 gearbox driveline, Comer front PTO shaft and 4 plate clutch
  • One height adjustable large diameter “Domed End” rear roller
  • 6mm sides, including discharge deflectors
  • Two front mounted anti-scalp skids
  • Cat 2, 3 Point Linkage Mounting
  • 100 x 9mm swing back blades on hardened bushes
  • Front and rear safety debris chains

Pasture Toppers

Improve your pasture and increase production with regular topping of paddocks with the Gason 3PL Proper Topper.

Suitable for 90 to 130HP Tractors (subject to compatible Tractor specifications).

Base Features:

  • 2.35m – 2.92m cutting widths
  • Easy clean, 6mm folded deck including an open back for more even spread of cutting
  • 130HP Bare-Co 3 gearbox driveline incorporating torsion rubber couplings, Bare-Co 8 Series PTO and 4 plate clutch with over-run
  • Front and rear safety debris chains
  • Designed for sharp, clean cutting of pasture, with discharged cuttings spread evenly behind without windowing
  • Cutting design eliminates wheel marks in after cow topping operations
  • Adjustable rear deflectors for rear discharge and even spread
  • Hydraulically adjustable rear guard offers closed and open back for discharge control
Model Cutting width Type Use RRP NOW
VM1R1550-3PL-MTRH 1.55m Taper Back Vineyard $15,700 +GST $13,900 +GST
RP2R1810-3PL-SBRR 1.81m Rapier Vineyard $22,450 +GST $20,900 +GST
RP2R1810-3PL-SBRRFR 1.81m Rapier Vineyard $23,845 +GST $21,900 +GST
RP2R1940-3PL-SBRRFR 1.94m Rapier Vineyard $24,210 +GST $21,900 +GST
RP2R2140-3PL-SBRR 2.14m Rapier Vineyard/Orchard $23,260 +GST $20,900 +GST
RP2R2340-3PL-SBRR 2.34m Rapier Orchard $24,850 +GST $20,500 +GST
PT2R2350-3PL 2.35m Topper Pasture $36,345 +GST $25,000 +GST

Pricing is for D&E and distributor inventory only, while stocks last.

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