SmartSpace Pots with Lids

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SmartSpace cookware not only saves space on the cooktop, it also saves space in your cupboards! Each pot stacks neatly inside the next.

The handle is removed and stored at the click of a button. SmartSpace cookware can also be used to store food in your fridge.

The clever steam venting system doubles as a seal for storing. SmartSpace is cookware that fits even the most compact stoves.

Great for in RV’s, caravans, motorhomes and boats.


* 1 x 1.5 quart pot with lid (160mm x 160mm x 105mm)
* 1 x 2 quart pot with lid  (185mm x 185mm x 125mm)
* 1 x 3 quart pot with lid (210mm x 210mm x 140mm)
* 1 x detachable handle
* 3 x custom silicon mats