Fenwicks Top & Tail 2.5L

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Fenwicks Top & Tail is the original GREEN formaldehyde free environmentally friendly dual action toilet fluid, designed for top and bottom tanks. Fenwicks Top & Tail added to the top tank, provides a hygienic, fragrant toilet every time you flush. With added slip and lubricating agents to help the toilet function perfectly. Added to the bottom tank, Fenwicks Top & Tail breaks down waste safely without the use of toxic or harmful chemicals. Can also be used as a bottom tank only product.

The toilet fluid has a seven day cycle which breaks waste down efficiently, killing germs and bacteria.

Top tank – Add 50ml of Fenwicks Top & Tail to the flush water compartment and fill with water.

Bottom tank – Prime with 2 litres of water, then add 125ml of Fenwick’s Top & Tail to every 20 litres of bottom tank capacity.

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