Rata CR Rakes

  • 7m – 16m working width options
  • 12 – 16 reels
  • Close reel spacing
  • Low centre of gravity for greater stability
  • Extensively strengthened frame
  • 3PTL or 2PTL steering options

Sitrex TR Side Rakes

  • 5.5 – 8.5m working width options
  • 9 – 13 reels
  • Designed to rake hay, straw and pea vine cleanly and carefully
  • Full weight is carried in front of the land wheels making these rakes very stable when working the heaviest of crops
  • Reels are raised and lowered hydraulically by a tractor or optional handpump

Sitrex SR Rakes

  • 3.9m – 4.2m working width options
  • 10 – 11 tine arms
  • ideal in all working conditions
  • A 3D floating headstock, follows the tractor accurately without scuffing from side to side
  • Robust folding safety arms help deflect the machine away from any obstacles

Sitrex RT Tedders

  • 5.2 – 7.8m working width options
  • 4 rotors
  • Built for tedding heavy green crops – spreads the heaviest lumps evenly with ease
  • All machines come standard with a floating headstock
  • Large flotation wheels help the machine travel smoothly in rough conditions, and allow it to follow ground contours with ease

Paddon RP VEE Rakes

  • 1m – 1.5m swath width
  • 10 reels
  • Incorporates even weight distribution and central placement of the carrying wheels, making it possible to operate in the steepest of hills without becoming unstable
  • Centre wheel placement ensures the rake tracks the towing vehicle – allows corners to be raked neatly without the need for steering on the rake

Sitrex Tedder / Rake Combo

  • 3m working width
  • 2 rotors
  • 35hp minimum requirement
  • Complete universal power rake for silage and hay crops
  • Very simple operation and sturdy construction
  • Ffitted with wide tyres in order to improve ground clearance and obtain a better performance on rough terrain
  • When lifted, locks automatically on centre position and avoids lateral oscillation

Sitrex Disc Mower

  • 2.4m – 3.2m working width options
  • 6 – 8 discs
  • Tough, precision built mower – the ideal choice for a farmer or contractor
  • Designed with high usage in mind – features heavy duty headstock, strong overhead bar support frame and a double bar
  • Driven by four B section belts from the PTO input shaft down to the cutting bar gearbox

Universal 400

  • 3m – 4m working width
  • 35hp minimum requirement
  • Combination raking at its best – takes raking and spreading to improved levels
  • Will handle the heaviest of green crop
  • When raking – tine arms travel around a heavy steel cam track which allows the crop to be released into an even row ready for baling or chopping
  • When spreading – the tine arms are easily repositioned to a fixed position to give an even crop spread

Sitrex Finishing Mowers

  • 1.2m – 2.3m working width options
  • 15hp minimum requirement
  • the perfect mower for maintaining parks, golf courses, athletic fields, highway maintenance and farming
  • Produces a clean and even finish, even on undulated ground
  • Bearings are in steel housings which protect them against ingress of dirt and grass
  • The 3 or 5 cutter heads all over lap to ensure a 100% cut

Sitrex TW7800

  • 6.8m – 7.6m working width
  • 22 tine arms
  • Hydraulic width adjustment and folding
  • 3D headstock
  • Strong design
  • Oscillating support wheels
Sitrex DM8

Sitrex DM8

Sitrex UNI400

Sitrex UNI400

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