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812 Trailing Maxitill

  • Built tough for New Zealand conditions and designed for greater trash clearance
  • 5.5m – 9.14m working width options
  • 44 – 72 tines
  • Floating contour wings allow for complete ground coverage
  • Efficient seed bed preparation and stubble incorporation that cannot be matched

103 Trailing Maxitill

  • Sound, rugged construction
  • 100mm tine spacing and correct placement of componentry
  • 5.5m – 10m working width options
  • 52 – 97 tines
  • Options include levelling boards, finger tines in place of crumblers and a rear draw bar

203 Centrefold

  • 4.26m – 6.1m working width options
  • 42 – 58 tines
  • Independent contour following wings ensure undulation ground is covered
  • Vigorous vibrating action of the world famous ‘S’ tine makes a highly effective means of breaking up furrows and clods
  • Rear crumbler adds to the effectiveness of the implement giving the speediest operation in preparation of a perfect seedbed

920 Maxitill (Rototiller)

  • 2.4m – 3.6m working width options
  • 23 – 35 tines
  • Rugged compact design with heavy flat bar crumblers and turnbuckle depth control
  • The tines used on the 920 Maxi Till vibrate backwards, sideways and forwards at a constant pre-set depth giving you a uniform seed bed

504 Grubber

  • 4.88m – 6.10m working width options
  • 26 – 34 tines
  • Designed to optimize seedbed preparation
  • Large capacity, robust frame
  • Optional levelling bar initially breaks the clods before the four rows of tines complete the soil preparation

904 Grubber

  • 1.6m – 4.5m working width options
  • 9 – 19 tines
  • Designed for primary cultivation
  • Larger ‘coil’ tines dig straight into the ground, proving to be very effective in breaking up pugged paddocks
  • Vineyard and Ag spec options available

Breaker Ring Roller

  • 3m – 7m working width options
  • 30 – 70 rings
  • Makes a fast efficient job, in just one pass, of leaving the ground firm, with free drainage
  • The different diameter rings rotate at different speeds helping to reduce soil stick
  • Optional rear towbar and air seeder available

813 Centrefold

  • 4.26m – 6.1m working width options
  • 29 – 52 tines
  • Designed for greater trash clearance
  • 50 x 10mm tines with Ni Hard points are spaced at 125mm apart giving excellent trash flow.
  • 65 x 65 x 6mm box section frame gives greater strength throughout the independent contour following wings, ensuring all undulating ground is covered
  • Optional rear finger tines

1015 Multi Tiller

  • 5m – 8m working width options
  • 33 – 53 tines
  • Fully hydraulic wing height adjustment
  • Super heavy duty rear draw bar
  • Two point linkage tractor mount
  • Options include: Crumbler Rollers, Packer Rollers, Finger Tines, 6 – 8m wide, Various point designs

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