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John Deere Lawn Tractors are built one way; the right way.

You only have to look at a John Deere tractor straight in the eye and you’ll see a strong family resemblance: bold lines, dynamically-spaced halogen headlights and a direct connection to our agricultural heritage.

Let’s start with the cut. John Deere have developed unique cutting decks to give you the best cut every time, the range includes models that will mulch and bag the grass too. A stamped deck design completely lifts the grass for a precise, even cut. You can find the precise mowing height you want every time, thanks to our 1/4-inch height of cut adjustment.

And the then there’s the legendary John Deere durability. You’ll get a solid, one-piece, 12-gauge frame that’s robotically welded to provide maximum strength. The durable features don’t stop there: heavy duty crankshafts, a cast-iron front axle and a high quality engine are proof that our lawn tractors are made tough right from the start.

That’s how we run. And nothing runs like a Deere.

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Please be aware that the availability of some ride-on mower models is currently limited.
To avoid disappointment, if there is a particular model or specification you are interested in, please phone ahead before visiting our locations in person.


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