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The 1200A has been delighting golf course greenkeepers and sports field managers for a long time running. It’s easy to see why. Start with a similar job-proven drivetrain found in our popular Gator™ T-Series. The engine runs at an easy 3,600 rpm. This, along with a solid muffler and cowling design, significantly reduces machine noise. Not only is the 1200A efficiently designed, it’s also high in ergonomics. An adjustable high-back seat, standard powerlift of the rear rake, counter-balanced front- and mid-mounted implements and an external-fill fuel tank.

Thanks to a three-wheel-drive hydrostatic powertrain, the 1200 Hydro has plenty of torque to push or pull heavy loads. An 8-to-1 steering ratio helps you make tight turns in the bunker. You’ll tread lightly as well, thanks to high-flotation tyres. Operating in comfort is never in question on the 1200 Hydro with an adjustable seat and easily accessible controls.

Rear rake. Rear rake delivers excellent coverage and is simple to detach from the hitch to change tools.

Front blade. Front blade on the 1200A is designed for easy lifting and lowering.

Instrumentation. Instruments and controls are positioned for easy reach and visibility.

Powerlift. Powerlift is standard on the 1200A. Flipping a switch is all it takes to raise and lower the rake or other rear implement.

Cargo basket. Stash gear, snacks and more in a handy rear cargo basket.

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John Deere 1200A

  • 13.5 hp
  • Belt-driven torque converter with Kanzaki gear-driven transaxle
  • Rake and Front Blade attachments
  • 0-20.3 km/h (0-12.6 mph) forward travel speed

John Deere 1200 Hydro

  • 16.0 hp
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Rake and Front Blade attachments
  • 0-16.09 km/h (0-10 mph) forward travel speed

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