Whatever bales you have a Hustler feeds them all, faster and more efficiently than any other brand, and we’ve built them so there’s less maintenance to slow you down.


If it’s the most versatile, reliable, efficient and quietest bale feeder you are after (or any of the above) choose a Chainless bale feeder.

  • Maximise every Kg of DM – Unique 3 -1 Ratio teases bales apart making the feed more palatable for stock, reducing waste.
  • Bullet-proof – No high maintenance, noisy chains, or wearing parts to disrupt your feeding program.
  • Easy-to-use – You’ve got total control over the bale, feed row, and loading. So you’re in control of your feeding program.
  • Fast – No more waiting for tight bales to unwind. Job done.
  • Versatile – feed more bale types than every other bale feeder – Whatever bale you have the X Series Chainless models feed it out.


If it’s a simple round bale feeder you are after choose a chain type bale feeder. Hustler build the toughest, most reliable and trusted chain feeders on the market.

  • Tough – Toughest chains on the market and our feed-bars are 4-5 times stronger torsionally than the nearest competitor.
  • Lower maintenance – You save both time and grease with our unique design that uses longer lasting bearings
  • Innovation – Snaplox eliminates smashed windows and strained backs. And the unique chassis design prevents the feeding mechanism from damage should it come in contact with the ground.

Download Brochure SLX_RANGE

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Chainless X5000

The top of the range trailed Chainless double bale feeder, self-loading, suitable for feeding out any bale, round or square, and it maximises feed use. The Chainless X5000 carries 2 bales at a time and is designed for medium to large operations.

  • Bale sizes round: all sizes up to 5’ X 6’
  • Bale sizes square: all sizes up to 8’ long
  • Bale weight: up to 1500kg ea
  • Unit weight: 1180kg
  • Hydraulics required: 2 X double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Capacity: 2x bales (round or square)
  • Tynes: 2x Forged high tensile
  • Towing eye: Adjustable height, 50mm swiveling forged, 12t rated
  • Axles: 6 Stud, 60mm Square
  • Wheels: 13/55 R16
  • Ground clearance: 443mm
  • Loading: self-loading
  • Size (L x W x H): 4467 x 2410 x 1669mm
  • Range of optional extras


Trailed bale feeder suitable for feeding out the widest variety of round bales, balage, silage, hay or straw. With a unique chassis design protects the vital components, patented total control self-loading system and the toughest chain/floor set up on the market

  • Bale sizes round: 4′ x 4′ – 6′ x 4′
  • Bale weight: up to 1000kg
  • Unit weight: 980kg
  • Capacity: 2x bales (round)
  • Tynes: 2x Forges high tensile
  • Towing eye: Adjustable height 50mm swiveling forged eye. 12 t rated.
  • Axle: 6 stud, 3 position adjustable track width, 60mm square axle
  • Wheels: 10/75 R15.3
  • Hydraulics: 2x double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000psi
  • Loading: Self loading
  • Range of optional extras

Super Comby

The Super Comby is the most versatile feed out machine on the market. It literally feeds out every supplementary type of feed you can lay your hands on, including all bale types, shapes and sizes with an in-built bale loading system.

  • Round bales (single layer): 3-4 (4-5 with optional forks)
  • Medium squares: 4-6 (6-8 with optional forks)
  • Large squares (8ft): 3 (4 with optional forks)
  • Loose silage (load-level): 10.5m3 (13m3 with optional bin extension)
  • Loose silage (heaped load): 13m3 (15.5m3 with optional bin extension)
  • Optional grain feeding system: 500kg

Optional Causmag spreader: 75kg

Super Comby EX

Comby feeders are the only multi feeder on the market that is scalable, meaning should you grow your operation, you’re not up for a new feeder.  Simply add the forks and bin to any standard machine and the load level capacity increases from 13.0m3 – 15.0m3.

  • Round Bales: 4-5 (5-6 with optional forks)
  • Medium Square Bales: 6-8 (8-10 with optional forks)
  • Large Square Bales (8ft): 5 (6 with optional forks)
  • Loose silage (load level): 13m3 (15m3 with optional bin extension)
  • Loose silage (heaped load): 15.5m3 (17m3 with optional bin extension)
  • Optional Grain Feeding System: 800kg
  • Optional Causmag spreader: 75kg

Comby PR Series

The PR Series Comby feeders eliminate the need for floor chains in the main load area increasing capacity in a more compact size.

  • Capable of feeding every type of supplementary feed you can lay your hands on, including all bale types, shapes and sizes
  • Handles loose feed with ease, including fine chop silage, maize silage, root-crops, vegetables and more
  • Available in 3 sizes: COMBY PR 600 – 6.0 – 8.0m3. COMBY PR 1350 – 13.5 – 16.0m3. COMBY PR 2100 – 21.5 – 24.0m3

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