Our fully equipped Service Centre workshop offers a full range of caravan equipment, accessories and servicing.
We offer both a pre-travel service check and a full premium service.



  • Check coupler, and lubricate
  • Check braking sytem, fill/check Hyd fluid if fitted
  • Check handbrake
  • Check safety chains and break away
  • Visual check of chassis and drawbar
  • Jack up and check wheel bearings
  • Visual check of tyres and set tyre pressures
  • Visual check of any sgns if alignment issues
  • Lubricate and check front jack and corner stability legs
  • Check all travel lights
  • Check spare tyre
  • Check for current WOF, REGO, ELEC and GAS certs
  • Visual outside check over and under of all fasterners secure
  • Check gas bottles for expiry and correct mounting/secure

*Disclaimer: Dual drum braked axles may incur a higher cost to service these components
Operation of slide out sides or pop up caravans is not included in these service costs.




  • Check for current electrical cert: if none then complete none of the following until completed.
  • Check external plug and power lead for correct tags and general condition
  • Run all appliances on the 240V for operation, microwave, oven, fridge, air conditioner, other HWS.
  • Visual and function check all 240V plug outlets.
  • Ensure battery charger is working and set correctly.


  • Charge and load test house batteries, check fluids if relevant,check breathers if fitted
  • Check battery is secured correctly and terminals for corrosion.
  • Test and run all 12v appliances, including invertor, lights, tv, sat, water pump.
  • Clean and visual check of solar panels



  • Visual check of visual water lines, under the van and internal
  • Test pressure and adjust pump if necessary
  • Remove anode from HWS check, clean, or replace.
  • Check operation of water tank gauges if fitted
  • Check filling ports for operation and correct sealing
  • Visual check of tank breathers and drain taps
  • Visual check of tank straps and mounting.
  • Check and lubricate toilet cassette
  • Test the toilet gauge and operation of traps.


  • Check bottles for expiry
  • Check bottle connection o-rings and connecting hose
  • Check of visible gas lines
  • Check operation and correct ignition of gas fridge, heater, oven, HWS
  • Clean LPG flues and check for any contamination or blockages


  • Visual check of all cupboards, hinges, door, drawers, blinds, windows, roof hatches for correct operation and align or adjust if necessary.
  • Check outside door step for smooth operation, lubricate if needed.
  • Check all hatches for correct sealing and operation
  • Check awning, outdoor table for operation and lubricate or adjust if necessary.
  • Thorough check of all external joints, on roof and underfloor, including lights, plugs, roof hatches, solar panels etc.
  • Check for any signs of water ingress, in corner cupboards, floors etc.


  • Check tow hitch and chains, lubricate and adjust
  • Check operation of jockey wheel, lubricate if necessary
  • Check and adjust handbrake
  • Check trailer plug and operation of lights
  • Check operation and adjust brakes
  • Tyre and wheel bearing check
  • Visual check of all undercarriage components, including suspension, tanks, pipes etc

*Disclaimer: Dual drum braked axles may incur a higher cost to service these components
Operation of slide out sides or pop up caravans is not included in these service costs

Disclaimer: modified or custom-made models may incur additional charges

We also take care of insurance work, custom repairs, the fitting of new accessories and much more!  Give us a call today and find out how we can help you!