Designed for calm water fishing, the Stabicraft Frontier boats are the perfect watercraft for anglers, yet still provide a multiple use platform with all the great safety features of the extended Stabicraft range.

Stabicraft 1410 Frontier

Featuring a fully welded flat floor with no trip hazards and a compact but usable centre console, the 1410 Frontier has the room for up to four fishermen.

With its shallow draft and fantastic stability the 1410 Frontier is a popular hull for inshore and lake fishermen. Popular with raised Wing Style Coamings and transom, this hull gives confidence well above expectations.

Stabicraft 1550 Frontier

The 1550 Frontier is a dedicated fishing platform borne out of the collaboration between Matt Watson and Stabicraft. In Matt’s own words “I wanted to pack and 8m boat into a 5m boat” and the 1550 Frontier does not disappoint.

It is the perfect, manageable and stable platform for someone who needs big game features packed into a sub-5m vessel.

Stabicraft 1600 Frontier

Utilising the same hull as the 1600 Fisher complete with Game Chaser Transom and Arrow Pontoons this boat is nimble and a lot of fun to go boating with. With the centre console providing some weight further aft, this boat practically skips across the water.

The resin infused carbon fibre centre console is radically shaped to incorporate an inset remote throttle to keep clear of the walkway, housing for the 72L Icey-Tek chilly bin and a forward seat.

Stabicraft 1850 Frontier

Based off the highly capable 1850 Supercab and featuring many of the same innovations that have redefined small boat performance, the 1850 Frontier is the perfect companion for offshore fishing.

With a 120L under floor fuel tank, unrivalled stability and the safety of our life-ring, Positive Buoyancy design, you can rest assured your 1850 is virtually unsinkable and will remain level and predictable if swamped.

Stabicraft 2050 Frontier NT

The 2050 Frontier has been developed with inland waterways and open water in mind.

With a large casting platform (available in 2 sizes), rear mounted centre console and seating the 2050 Frontier NT has maximised deck space for fishing, transporting gear or both!

Stabicraft 2100 Frontier

Based off the highly capable 2100 Supercab hull and featuring many of the same innovations that have made this mid-size range so popular the 2100 Frontier embodies what a true centre console should be.

With a 275L under floor fuel tank, unrivalled stability and the safety of our life-ring, Positive Buoyancy design, your 2100 Frontier is virtually unsinkable. This new model also features Stabicraft’s famous Arrow Pontoon design coupled with the Game Chaser Transom making the hull performance unrivalled in big blue-water.

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