With 14ft through to 18.5 ft options, the Stabicraft Fisher range covers all the bases for any recreational fisherman or family boat

Whether it’s a day on the lake or a day trip to your favourite fishing hole, there is a Fisher boat for every customer.

Stabicraft 1550 Fisher

Stabicrafts biggest selling model ever, the 1550 Fisher redefined compact vessel performance and versatility when it was released in late 2016.

As compact boats go, the Stabicraft 1550 Fisher is about as complete as a package gets. How many sub-16-foot boats can you name with built-in tackle trays, a purpose-built cooler, a full walk-through windscreen, an underfloor fuel tank and the famous Stabicraft positive buoyancy chambers?

Offering the sort of on-water performance you would expect from much larger vessels, it is simply the perfect package.

Stabicraft 1850 Fisher

Stabicraft’s newly designed 1850 Fisher has undergone some serious innovation offering customers much MUCH more.

Suited to inshore and fair weather offshore fishing, the stepped chambered design and full length hull make for economical planing. Coupled with the standard 150L under floor fuel tank, long days trawling for your favourite game or towing skiers awaits.

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Stabicraft 1550 Fisher - Hunting

Stabicraft 1550 Fisher – Hunting

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