Rata understand the benefits of effective and accurate fertiliser spreading and offer an impressive lineup of ATV, trailing and three point linkage mounted, single spinner disc fertiliser spreaders to increase your efficiency, whether you are an agricultural, horticultural or viticultural operator.


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Agrex SDA Vineyard & Orchard Spreaders

  • 500L – 600L hopper capacity options
  • 1.1m hopper width
  • Compact, light and can be pulled by low-power tractors
  • Setting gauge guarantees accurate fertiliser distribution
  • Side conveyors allow for localised spreading on row cultivation of 1.5m – 5m

Agrex XPS Entry Level Spreaders

  • 800L – 1500L hopper capacity options
  • 1.58m – 2.02m hopper width options
  • Excellent for full-field distribution, even on small and medium-sized unlevel fields
  • Comes standard with filtering grids to prevent any lumps of fertiliser from blocking the gates and compromising quantity accuracy and spreading uniformity

Agrex XDI Premium Spreaders

  • 1500L – 3000L hopper capacity options
  • 2.32m – 2.42m hopper width options
  • Ideal for professional operators due to high performance and accurate distribution of fertiliser
  • Ability to regulate spread width from 12m up to 32m with a very high level of accuracy

Agrex KYLO Integrated Weighing Precision Spreader

  • 1500L – 3000L hopper capacity options
  • Integrated weighing system
  • Ideal for the distribution of large quantities of fertiliser
  • Ability to accurately regulate the spreading width from 12 to 32 metres

Agrex Trailing Bulk Fertiliser Spreader

  • 3.5m3 – 5m3 hopper capacity options
  • 2.38m hopper width
  • Distribution unit is composed of two spreading discs with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel
  • Rubber conveyor belt in hopper bottom guarantees near to total application uniformity

Agrex MAGNUM Bulk Lime or Fertiliser Spreaders

  • 8.5m3 hopper capacity
  • 120hp minimum requirement
  • Equipped with a varnished hopper, hydraulic line holder, tail lights, chain harrows and more
  • 12m – 16m spreading width

Maxit Precision Late Lime & Fertiliser Spreaders

  • 3.5m3 – 5m3 hopper capacity options
  • Designed to respond to the requirements of professional operators and contractors for the distribution of organic and chemical fertiliser to large areas of land
  • Distribution unit is composed of two spreading discs with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel

Agrex KALKO Multifunctional Lime & Fertiliser Spreaders

  • 10m3 – 14m3 hopper capacity options
  • Equipped with a steering rear axle, electric actuators, double shutters hydraulic augers and loads more
  • Belt conveyor is driven by a hydraulic motor equipped with a speed sensor with a proportional valve controlled by the computer
  • Up to 24m spread width and spread rates from 50 to 3000 kg/ha
Maxi Fertiliser Spreader

Maxi Fertiliser Spreader

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