Every track and trail needs to be inspected and maintained to identify problems as they begin to develop and allow time to plan maintenance work before the issues worsen. It is vital to keep records of all action taken to maintain your trails.

D&E Track and Trail offer FREE inspections & assessments to ensure you are being proactive as opposed to reactive and addressing any problems quickly before user safety is compromised.

Routine maintenance will usually require only hand tools and small power tools but it may be necessary to use larger machinery to complete larger remedial works.

We record all trail inspections, planning and repair work carried out, along with the date of each action and the name of our staff member who carried out the work.  We provide free advice on any work that needs to be completed to get your track and trail up to scratch.

If you would like a free inspection and assessment on your track or trail, please fill out the form below and we will be touch or call us on

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